Intramural, Club Sports, and You


Whether if you are a hardened 4th year student at college or a fledgling newcomer to campus, you can find many benefits to participating in Intramural and Club Sports at MSUM. Your participation may stem from being interested in playing in an offered sport that is familiar to you, as you may have played it in high school. Or you may be looking to broaden your horizons and play in an organized club sport like rugby or lacrosse. Whatever your reasons may be, the best part of these activities is that you may run into someone who shares the same common interests as you do!

When the semester starts to get heavy with midterms and assignments, participating in intramural sports will set aside time for you to get away from school and interact with your peers. You can either join a team to meet new people, or you can sign up with a group of friends.

School is full of emotional highs and lows, and sometimes you can’t help feeling burned out by the intensive workload. By playing sports, you can channel your energy into something that’s positive and constructive.

Participating in intramurals isn’t about challenging yourself to the point where you’re drained and exhausted. If that sounds like a ton of fun to you, maybe you should look into the list of available Club Sports offered at MSUM where our teams compete against other competitive universities in a more organized setting! Intramural and Club Sports are something that you do to enhance your college experience, so get out there, find a sport you like, grab a group of friends and go have some fun!

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