Get Active. Get Connected. Get Involved.

college students at an event

You may have seen these phrases on posters, floors, handouts and walls throughout campus. You probably have heard them from Steve Fox, Assistant Director for Leadership & Organizations at some point as well. You may be wondering why the Office of Student Activities is consistently sharing this message. Here is why.

Your emotional wellbeing and academic success can be impacted by your involvement on campus. Research indicates that higher levels of engagement in a variety of activities contribute to your cumulative GPA and help you become and stay connected to MSUM. Additionally, those who are connected on campus gain valuable skills that make them more marketable upon graduation. One of the greatest benefits to your emotional wellbeing, through your involvement, is the opportunity to build relationships that add value to your life. Your student organization advisor may serve as a reference, help you find an internship or become a mentor.

The relationships you form can develop into a group of people you can seek out for references, career advice, wisdom and support. Through involvement in service activities, student organizations and honor societies you will get to know people who may serve as resources and future employers. An article from the Association of American Colleges & Universities indicates that engaging in volunteer work will further enhance life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over one’s life, physical health, and happiness and lowers depression.

DragonCentral is a great resource to start your involvement process. The website provides upcoming events, student organization information and much more. Check it out at or download the Corq app for the same information at your fingertips.

Build relationships with folks who are interested in your wellbeing and can bring fresh perspective to challenges you may face. Just take a risk, join something new that will bring new people into your world and start creating relationships that will last a lifetime.